China and the United States

Beyond 2020

China and the United States: Beyond 2020
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This study mainly focuses on exploring how China and the United States, under a new historical context, would possibly engage with each other, and in what ways their interactions would have impacts on both the two countries and the world. More precisely, from a normative and theoretical perspective, this research tends to observe whether and how China-U.S. bilateral engagements could affect the core theories and values that have, in certain ways, guided policy-making of states and relations among them over the past decades; and from a practical perspective, by taking numerous new phenomena such as the implications of the COVID-19 into account, it aims to foresee the possible impacts of the development of China-U.S. relations on the political, economic, social, and other aspects of activities of the two countries, and of the world to a larger extent. With the COVID-19 sweeping across the globe since around the beginning of 2020, and the serious repercussions led by it, many analysts have already indicated that the implications of the Coronavirus pandemic could possibly last for some years to come. Overall, this project mainly aims to foresee a number of possibilities to be generated by China-U.S. interactions in the post-pandemic era.

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