Communism After 100 Years

Communism After 100 Years
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ISBN: 978-1-957144-49-8
Pages: 23

At the end of the 20th century, the Soviet Union and China were gradually moving towards capitalism, the international communist movement was declared a failure, and the Marxist theory had shown its limitations through practice. Now communism needs a new set of theoretical weapons desperately, and this book will become the most acute weapon of the communist movement in the 21st century.


Author Bio:
The author was born in 1997 and graduated from the Department of Mathematics of East China Normal University. He has been interested in socialism since his college days. After graduation, he failed to start his own business four times. During this process, he gradually discovered that there are some fundamental problems in China's socialist system. It is difficult for people from low-income families to achieve a class leap, and then a new communist theory is proposed.

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