Remain Conscientious and Believe in Love

Remain Conscientious and Believe in Love
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Herein, "the harmony among and within the human groups"will be discussed theoretically. The "harmony" mentioned here refers to the state in which the group members are in their own proper place, get along with one another peacefully, and have occasional conflicts among them that can get resolved in a timely manner. Meanwhile, the root causes of conflicts among and within the human groups are also analyzed, and against which possible theoretical solutions are proposed --- The human group members should advocate positive energy as the authority, remain conscientious and believe in love. Some of the author's what-if analyses herein are intended to urge people to be conscientious and obedient to rules. And the deep-seated causes which result in an imbalance of social order are explored herein, for which the original intention is to, by presenting facts and evidence, prove that people's conscience and self-discipline are the cornerstones of social order while spiritual belief is the foundation for people to stick to their conscience. People should always be in awe and do as good deeds as possible they could. And only in this way can society, from the family level to the country level, be harmonious. Such theoretical exploration is believed by the author to be conducive to creating a social atmosphere filled with integrity, friendliness, and harmony.


Author Bio:
Song Bo, a practicing lawyer in China. He was an official who served the Chinese government for many years. He is now a preeminent lawyer and engaged in sociological research.

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