Core of Illumination

Core of Illumination
Editions:ePub - First Edition: $ 4.99
ISBN: 978-1-957144-87-0
Pages: 147

In AD 2125, humanity fell short of achieving the United Nations' sustainable development goals. Technological advancements in the past century led to the creation of nuclear defense systems and new types of nuclear weapons, including meteorological weapons. However, this technological competition and exploitation resulted in the depletion of natural resources and the destruction of the environment. A 180-year period of relative peace came to an end when aggressive warfare shattered life on Earth, leaving people in despair. But what will the Earth become with its newest invention of the century? Where will the Core of Illumination lead the entire human destiny?


Author Bio:
Joe Lee, 18, was born in Shenzhen, China. He is an avid creative writer of original science fiction short stories that take the readers into the realm of futurist possibilities. His bilingual educational experience allowed him to form sophisticated opinions about the world he lived in and the intriguing human, as well as an interest in Rock music and poetry from a young age. It was also because of the influence of many famous rock musicians and poets that the author began the creation of his writing career.

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