Memoirs of a Masseuse

Memoirs of a Masseuse
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 25.00
ISBN: 978-0-6483896-3-7
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 412

Her name is Xiao Jing, an exceptional masseuse. This authentic story of her and her sisters represents a social phenomenon. Initially an innocent girl from Chongqing, China, she ventured into the dazzling world outside and became a massage therapist, showcasing her skills while occasionally finding herself in compromising situations. She once fell victim to a man's persuasive words, resulting in an unexpected pregnancy. Despite realizing the true nature of men and society's harshness, she still yearns for a better life.


“Allow me to introduce myself properly in case we meet face to face. I'm Xiaojing, 22 years old this year. Although young, I've been "aged" by three years. Xiaojing is an uncommon surname, not found among the hundreds of names. I'm from Chongqing, a city of half mountains and half urban areas. We had to pass through countless mountain roads of varying elevations to reach my classmates' homes. Walking through the hills daily contributed to our good physique in us Chongqing girls, especially our slender legs. Unlike the delicate Jiangnan women, we possess a more substantial presence, captivating men. People say I'm beautiful, and although beauty is no longer highly valued these days, it still brings me joy. My parents may appear ordinary, but they raised a beautiful daughter. Two negatives can create a positive outcome."




Author Bio:
Li Mingcheng, also known as Li Jianrong, hails from Suzhou, China, and is a distinguished member of the Chinese Writers Association. He is characterized by his wisdom, integrity, composure, and diligence. With over one million words published, his works include "The Director of an Environmental Protection Bureau", "Masseuse", "Family Education", "Who But You" and "I Am a Teacher" among others. Several of his pieces have been selected for use in Australian college entrance examination materials.

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