Chinese Rural Women's Story

ESCAPE: Chinese Rural Women's Story
Editions:ePub - First Edition: $ 3.99
ISBN: 978-1-957144-75-7
Pages: 590

After entering the city in hopes of escaping difficulties, a group of Chinese rural women find themselves facing unexpected challenges.

The novel centers around Zheng Jinhua, a rural woman from Fujian and eastern Fujian, and explores her experiences in youth, marriage, and as a city worker. The story delves into her tragic childhood, humiliating youth, difficult marriage, and complex emotional life, while also depicting the fate of 12 other rural women.

Starting with the news of Zheng Fangmei's death, the book transports readers through Zheng Jinhua's memories of her childhood and youth, as well as her struggles to provide for her family in adulthood. The novel explores her emotional entanglements with her lover Chen Yuejin, her husband Huang Biaofu, Fa Xiaozhengbin, and fellow villager Huang Jianfeng.

Set against the backdrop of China's rural-to-urban migrant worker phenomenon from the late twentieth century to the early twenty-first century, this book vividly portrays the real events faced by ordinary rural women, offering insight into their emotional lives.


Author Bio:
Xiangshu Lin, who graduated from Fuzhou University, has contributed to the field of electric power and has written many science and engineering papers. His interest in literary creation stems from his long-term contact with rural society and his extensive understanding of farmers and migrant workers. The author is an engineer and has published more technical reports and papers. As for publishing literary novels, ESCAPE is the first book written by the author. The reason why I want to write a story is that the author's relatives live in the countryside, and most of the people of his father's generation are farmers. However, the author works in a city enterprise. But when the author returned to his hometown, he often heard many strange rural stories, witnessed the tortuous experiences of his relatives and friends, and accumulated rich life materials for the author's writing. The author has been revising the title of the book. At first, it was" 'Jin Hua' going to the city", and later it was changed to "Thirteen Sisters of" Rong Cheng ". Finally, it was decided to name the book ESCAPE. Due to the author's personal experience and real feelings, his impression of rural and peasant life is different, some are indeed unknown.

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