Reconceptualizing Philosophy

From Emotion Toward Reason Kindle Edition

Reconceptualizing Philosophy
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ISBN: 9781957144405
Pages: 330

This book addresses in depth the development of sense, emotion, language, and rationality along the path of biological evolution from microbes to animals to humans, analyzing the most critical factors of the emergence of human beings, elucidating the occurrence and development of human nature, describing the process of human civilization.

This is a book that is destined to be controversial and one that deserves serious critique. The reason is simply that many of the new concepts presented in this book are completely different from what the world thinks today. Yet, after these concepts have clearly been discussed here in simple terms, they are so plain and reasonable that leave no more room for doubt.

Many of the new concepts in this book are being introduced for the first time, and they are being explained thoroughly here at a philosophical level. In this book, you can understand: Why is it that a person gains happiness when he or she strives to help others? This book has made the first clear distinction and discussed in detail the relationship of support, dominance, and feedback between emotional thinking and rational thinking. The study has identified that emotion is essentially a human perception system, thinking system, and value system. The fundamental logic of human thinking is to judge the value of an object to oneself. This book has also illustrated the eight decisive factors that language supports the explicit rational thinking of human beings. Language communication creates rational, altruistic, and civilized human beings. It has revealed that both egoism and altruism are human instincts, and human nature is the interdependence, opposition, and unity of egoistic and altruistic instincts. It has proposed the hypothesis that pleasure is the fundamental driving force of biological evolution. For the first time, it has been declared that the human is the inertia body determined by physical substance and practical feeling of the human body, and the inertia body of thinking, speaking, and behavior. The human psyche is the only reference for each person to observe society. Life is a struggle, and the two are sufficient and necessary for each other...


Author Bio:
The author is now retired from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(BUPT). Before retiring, he served as the deputy director of the e-commerce research center in BUPT, during which, for more than ten years, he mainly engaged in economic management research and consulting for the telecom industry. Dozens of consulting clients include the headquarters of China's three major telecom operators and their provincial and municipal companies, Microsoft, Huawei, and Lucent among multinational corporations, Deutsche Telekom Consulting, Nomura Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Engineering among the consulting organizations, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Beijing Economic and Information Commission among the government departments, etc. He had provided decision-making consultations for relevant national ministries and commissions on top-level affairs in the telecom industry at that time, such as telecom operator reorganization and 3G and 4G license issuance, which were adopted with remarkable results. The author has done various jobs in farming, maintenance, assembly, manufacturing, engineering, research, development, teaching, training, leadership, management, marketing, and consulting. In his decades of various experiences, he has continued to conscientiously summarize and think about the various social, market, and academic phenomena, experiences, and the deep reasons behind them.

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