The Works of Huo Jinrong

Rainbows, Clovers, Lotus Romance and Heartbeat Song

The Works of Huo Jinrong: Rainbows, Clovers, Lotus Romance and Heartbeat Song
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 15.00
ISBN: 978-1957144580
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 228

This book is divided into the following four sections:

● Rainbows are personal stories that relate to relationships, friendship, and kinship;
● Clovers are family stories that tell trivial matters in daily life when the baby is born;
● Lotus Romance is a fantasy novel about the destiny and the mission of the lotus fairy and the human immortal;
● Heartbeat Song is a romance novel about the love experience of the social anxiety sufferer and the affection cleanliness sufferer;


Fragrance wafts from the flat roof of the two-story farmhouse. A tree in the yard is full of flowers, constantly combing the poetry of its body. The words are hidden in the green leaves, patiently waiting for the flowers to bloom one after another.

Constantly blooming, constantly chasing, where are the seeds that have sprouted? The thoughts flowed between the lines of the words, the tip of the pen dropped on the yellowed paper of the notepad and the hopeful eyes were drawn into the silent ink.

The weather is very sunny, and the whole family goes for a walk in East Mountain Park.
Your grandpa insisted on holding you up to over two hundred stone steps, tired of bending back;
Ahahaha! He can't stand it and then wanted to put you back in your dad's arms.
East Mountain Park is an old attraction of the city, built on the top of a high mountain;
I often climbed the mountain alone when I was in middle school, especially at a rebellious age.

Author Bio:
Writer: Huo Jinrong, a university graduate, works in trade, from Shenzhen, China, lived in the United States, and now settles in Switzerland.

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